NSF / ANSI 49 Field Tests

This is a condensed version of the NSF / ANSI 49 Field Tests for Bio Safety Cabinets. To review the entire testing and classification of Bio Safety Cabinets, contact NSF International Standard / American National Standard to purchase this standard.

This condensed version is taken from Annex F (the Field Tests) for the acceptance criteria for all Class II Biological Safety Cabinets.

The on-site tests are: down flow velocity profile test, inflow velocity test, airflow smoke patterns test, HEPA filter leak test, site installation assessment tests, and the cabinet integrity test, This is only for the A1 cabinets only.

This is a soap bubble leak test.

Also included in these site assessment tests are the alarm functions, blower interlock, and the exhaust performance.

Smoke patterns test, work opening retention test, sash / window – 5 test.

The HEPA filter leak test requires an aerosol generator to provide an upstream challenge and a photometer to scan the opposite side of the HEPA filter for leakage.

An electrical and ground fault resistant and polarity tests.

A light intensity test, to measure the intensity on the work surface in feet candles.

A vibration test which is utilized to determine satisfactory mechanical performance to prevent damage to tissue culture specimens.

Noise level test to measure the noise levels produced.

This is again a condensed version. Please call if you have any questions or comments regarding this testing.

This testing is recommended to be completed any time the bio-safety cabinet is moved or at six month intervals.