Prints of the hospital are attained and studied to locate fire and smoke partitions. We then find the location of each damper and identify what air handler or exhaust fan serves that duct.

We then physically go to each damper to verify operation.
-Fire dampers – We release the fusible link and watch the damper drop. Any repairs and or cleaning is then performed.
-Smoke Dampers and Fire Smoke Dampers – To verify operation, we release the pneumatic air or break the electrical current to the motor and watch the damper close. Repairs or cleaning are done as needed.

Each damper is photographed in the open and closed position. Photos verifying this are included in the report.

Access doors are installed where required.

We are a level 2 certified fire and smoke damper certifier.

Information attained in the field is reviewed and a spreadsheet is developed summarizing our findings. We then create an AutoCad drawing of the entire complex with all damper locations.

Fire and Smoke Damper Testing and Certification

Presently there is a discussion on whether to test and certify Fire and Smoke dampers every four years or every six years, whether to have a 3rd party perform this certification or to have it performed in house by personnel already working for the owners of the property.

The authority having jurisdiction should be making these decisions.

If a third party is chosen, does it have any certifications?

Is the company that installed the duct work and fire smoke dampers being considered? I hope not, it should be an unbiased third party performing these tests.

Does the certification take and provide photos of the dampers in the open and closed positions, noting the installation whether they are installed per NFPA and SMACNA standards?

Make sure the fire and smoke dampers are identified and located on the building installation prints and are these locations verified as to life safety code as to being necessary locations or has the building been modified since the last certification and survey?

Systems Testing and Analysis, Inc. is one of two contractors certified by TABB to perform this testing and certification.

Review reports to guarantee there are identified photographs of the dampers in the open and fully closed positions. Also check that notes in the report correspond to failures and in appropriate installations.

During construction of a new building, renovation, expansion have an independent company test and review the fire and smoke dampers and whether they comply.

Most construction documents have a one year warranty. If they do, you can get the installing contractor back to repair at no cost.

Any questions or comments, please contact Systems Testing and Analysis, Inc.