Systems Testing and Analysis performs medical gas certification in accordance with NFPA-99 2012 and U S Pharmacopoeia latest Edition.

The system is certified to be in compliance and is physically tested by Richard Miller, a professional engineer registered in Illinois, Missouri, and Texas.

The tests consist of a pressure test, a piping purge, cross-connection testing of each individual outlet, valve testing, flow test, alarm testing and a purity gas test.

In addition, systems are tested for compliance with the requirements for dew point, hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, CO, and CO2.

We also check the medical gas compressor installation and the drier effectiveness.

We test each gas individually and the tank storage and ventilation.

In addition, we check the ETO systems and air change rates in operating rooms for waste gas evacuation.

According to Section 4-5.1.1 of NFPA-99, all systems that are breached and components that are renovated, added to, or replaced requires recertification.